Shabbat Shalom

Our shabbat candle plates are precision laser cut from high quality 3mm mirrored acrylic.
Simply let us know your family name, or if you’re gifting this to someone special, let us know both of your names to precision etch onto the plate.

Just as you welcome the Shabbat in by lighting the candles, the text of the beautiful “L’cha Dodi” hymn recited at dusk on Friday is etched around the border.

Size – approx. 300mm diameter

Ordering instructions:

1. Let us know the surname/s you would like enscribed on the plate.
2. Choose the material you would like us to lasercut the plate from.
You can reuse your Shabbat plate provided you handle it with care, by simply wiping clean with a damp sponge and laying it flat in a safe place until it is that time of the week again!
Should any candle wax drip onto your beautiful plate, do not use an abrasive sponge, simply a soft sponge with a little warm water and soap should do the trick!

Shabbat Shalom


  • Provide surname(s) separated by a comma, maximum of two.
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