Newborn Name Plaques

Our personalised name plaques are precision laser cut from high quality 3mm coloured or mirrored acrylic.

Ordering instructions:

1. Choose the size of the plaque you would like. Small name plaques are no more than 15 characters at a maximum of 300mm wide, whilst large are a maximum of 500mm wide. The height will vary according to the number of letters in the name.
2. Select the font you would like.
3. Type the name of the lucky recipient, baring in mind that double names will have to be ordered individually, and hyphenated names might appear differently.
4. Type the child’s birth date, weight and length to be etched onto the plaque.
5. Select the material you would like your
design lasercut from.

Care Instructions:

Please handle your name plaque with extra special care as they can be very fragile when hanging. We will provide you with several pieces of 3m adhesive velcro to adhere your plaque to the wall/door/joinery of choice. Alternatively you may choose to frame your plaque and hang like you would a painting.

Newborn Name Plaques


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