Chanukah Menorah Tray

Our Chanukah menorah trays are precision laser cut from high quality 6mm clear acrylic.

Size – approx. 400 x 300mm base

Sit your menorah atop the tray and rejoice in the festival of light!

This gorgeous tray can be reused for many Chanukahs to come, provided you handle it with care.

Tray is large enough to fit several menorahs, and will ensure wax doesn’t drip on the surface below.

Chanukah menorah tray is NOT dishwasher safe.

Simply wipe the tray clean with a non abrasive, soft/microfiber cloth with a little warm water to remove any wax that has dripped, and store in a safe place until it is that festive time of the year again!

Chanukah Menorah Tray